2020-04-26 17:25:19

Additional Deputy Commissioner Malakand

It’s an honor for me that i am serving my nation. I will always try to strengthen District Administration Team and would feel proud if i contribute in dwindling the gap between District Administration and general public.

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2020-03-05 20:15:02

About District Administration Malakand

             District Administration means the management of the task of government. The district is kept under the charge of a district officer—called either Deputy Commissioner or District Magistrate who acts as the eyes, ears and arms of the State Government. As such D.C.’s task is of pivotal nature. This task is of five kinds viz Revenue, Magisterial, Judicial, Executive and Development.           District Administration Malakand is comprised of Depu

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2020-03-05 19:57:27

Deputy Commissioner's Message:

It’s an immense pleasure and source of pride for me that I am serving District Malakand being Dy: Commissioner of the District. I wish to curtail the gap between Government and general public.

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